Jenish Forensic Engineering

Our services

At Jenish Forensic Engineering, we provide a range of investigative services tailored to our clients needs. From Accident Reconstruction and Event Data Recorders, to Failure Investigations or Personal Injury claims, we have the expertise to help you successfully resolve your claims.

Our mission

Our goal is to help you resolve claims, or legal matters, efficiently by providing thorough and timely forensic engineering reports, with decisive conclusions, which are based on proven scientific principles and the physical facts.

Accident Reconstruction

We can determine critical
aspects of a crash through an engineering analysis of the
physical evidence...

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Event Data Recorders

Many passenger vehicles,
tractor trailers and other
commercial vehicles are now equipped with ...

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Failure Analysis

The failure of a single component
in a vehicle, building or machine
can often cause considerable damage and personal injury...

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Fire Investigations

Through a timely cause and
origin investigation, we can
provide answers to questions regarding where and how...

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Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims often
result in questions about the
cause of a particular injury and whether the injury...

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