Accident Reconstruction

We can determine critical aspects of a crash through an engineering analysis of the physical evidence. Combining a thorough investigation with proven engineering techniques, we can answer many of the questions that remain in the aftermath of a collision. For courtroom or arbitration purposes, we can provide demonstrative exhibits such as computer simulations, video reconstructions, and technical illustrations.

• Vehicle Speed Assessment             • Low Speed Impact Analysis
• Vehicle Mechanical Inspections     • Commercial Vehicle Accidents
• Seatbelt Usage Assessments          • Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Crash Simulation

Computer crash simulations can be
used to test different accident scenarios...

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Pedestrian Impacts

A pedestrian impact invariably results in
serious injuries to the pedestrian and ...

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Night Visibility Studies

Nighttime accidents often involve pedestrians, cyclists, or obstacles
in the roadway...

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Motorcycle Crashes

The reconstruction of motorcycle accidents requires special consideration...

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Crash Injury Analysis

Injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents often result in questions about the severity...

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Mechanical Inspections

An accident may be caused by the failure
of a critical component within a vehicle...

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