Knowledge & Experience . . .

We have extensive automotive knowledge, including research, design, and testing of vehicle safety systems.

The Physical Evidence . . .

The building blocks of any thorough forensic engineering investigation.

Powered by Science . . .

Science is the primary tool that underpins any proper forensic investigation.

Decisive Conclusions . . .

Our reports provide decisive conclusions that help our clients solve claims efficiently.

About Us

At Jenish Forensic Engineering, we love a challenge, a good problem to solve!

Our Company

Jenish Forensic Engineering was founded in 1999 on the principle to provide the legal profession, and insurance industry, with sound and reasoned technical expertise in the field of accident reconstruction, fire investigation, and personal injury claims. We provide our clients with clear and concise engineering reports, based on scientific principles, combined with the available evidence. This methodology allows us to stand firmly behind the conclusions drawn.

Our Experts

Our engineers have completed research and test programs for Transport Canada, the National Research Council, General Motors, the Canadian Coast Guard, and Vehicle Safety Equipment Manufacturers. Our experience has included the design and testing of vehicle braking and fuel systems, child restraint testing, and also vehicle defect investigations. In addition, our staff conducts regular research, testing, and training, in support of our investigations, such that we can maintain a knowledge base that is current and applicable to the services that we offer.

Gordon Jenish,

P. Eng


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William Jennings,

P. Eng

Partner and Associate...

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