Knowledge & Experience . . .

We have extensive automotive knowledge, including research, design, and testing of vehicle safety systems.

The Physical Evidence . . .

The building blocks of any thorough forensic engineering investigation.

Powered by Science . . .

Science is the primary tool that underpins any proper forensic investigation.

Decisive Conclusions . . .

Our reports provide decisive conclusions that help our clients solve claims efficiently.


Mr. Edward Graves, Graves • Richards • Harris LLP

"Nine years ago I began using Gord Jenish's services. Since then, he has become my primary resource for accident reconstruction. In his work, he demonstrates a lot of insight into the complexities of the problem he is presented with. He has the knack for identifying the crucial circumstances around which all other evidence evolves. In one particular case, he identified a critical piece of evidence that an entire police team of reconstruction experts missed. Mr. Jenish provides reports that are concise, well organized and thorough. He expresses himself in terms almost anyone can understand. From a personal point of view, Mr. Jenish is accessible, accommodating and a pleasure to deal with."

Mr. John Olah, Beard Winter LLP

"This is a note to advise you that a settlement of our case was reached at the recent mediation of this matter. I want to thank you for all of your help in this very difficult case. Without your good work, the outstanding results that we obtained for our client could not have been achieved. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Brad, Senior Claims Adjuster

"For years I have relied on Gord Jenish and his team to provide analytic and conclusive reports. Their thoroughness, attention to detail, and remarkable customer service have earned them a high level of respect in the insurance industry. Jenish Engineering remains current on the latest technological advances and always provides decisive, cost-effective reports that assist in making the best decision for our policy holders."

Mr. Tom Wright, Wright Mediation Services

"I began working with Gord Jenish over ten years ago. I soon came to value his understanding of time lines and felt more comfortable working on larger projects with him. Gord understands the business side and is always responsive to his clients wishes for accurate costing in advance. On the technical side, I have been impressed with his range of experience. His knowledge ranges from a thorough understanding of the MTO roads manuals, through auto manufacturing codes, to accident reconstruction. In the end, Gord's reports are always direct, and well thought out. His attention to detail has saved many thousands of claims dollars and at least as important, many thousands of expense dollars with his insight and practicality."

Ms. Lydia Reva, Criminal Defence Lawyer

"We got the verdict today and I am happy to report that our client was acquitted of all charges. The Judge had major concerns regarding the evidence of both of the Crown's experts. She treated your evidence in her decision as the "real" expert evidence. She clearly found that you were an excellent expert witness and your evidence greatly assisted with her decision."

Joseph, Certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Specialist in Civil Litigation

"Gord Jenish has been my primary engineering expert for nearly 15 years. His reports are well written and persuasive. I have used them successfully to assist in securing settlements where the issue of liability turns on the strength of the engineering report. I have found over the years that merely discussing an issue with him leads one to consider expanding theories of the case. He oftentimes brings a new and fresh perspective to a file that was not previously considered and which helps add further support to the underlying theory of the case. His feedback and guidance on complex cases, and his testimony at trial, has brought immeasurable benefit to many of my clients. I highly, and do regularly, recommend him to my colleagues."