Knowledge & Experience . . .

We have extensive automotive knowledge, including research, design, and testing of vehicle safety systems.

The Physical Evidence . . .

The building blocks of any thorough forensic engineering investigation.

Powered by Science . . .

Science is the primary tool that underpins any proper forensic investigation.

Decisive Conclusions . . .

Our reports provide decisive conclusions that help our clients solve claims efficiently.

Insurance Resources

“Our goal is to help you resolve claims efficiently”

At Jenish Forensic Engineering, we have a long history of conducting investigations in support of Bodily Injury Claims, Accident Benefit files, Property Damage claims, and SIU Investigations. We follow a similar approach in all investigations, conducting the necessary field work, analysing the data, and then providing you with the results, followed by a written report, if requested. We can respond quickly, while the evidence is fresh, often attending an incident scene the same day as the referral. Our reports provide decisive conclusions, allowing you to better prepare your file for litigation or settlement. We have included below a few resources that may assist you in your case work.

Police Report Template
Transport Canada Vehicle Recall Listings
Event Data Recorder Coverage List
Canadian Vehicle Specifications Program
Insurance Institute For Highway Safety
VIN Decoder
CAFI Canadian Association of Fire Investigators